Portia Makes Headline News!

Before She Became Portia

With a name like Portia, you almost have to count on going places. But this Portia had much more to catapult her into the public eye. In fact, one of HER eyes was history.  The “dead eye” was removed at our Clinica Casa Lupita after she was brought in from the streets of Granada….this shambles of a mutt that was so much closer to death than alive.

Finn Dowling, our ace vet tech, rescued her when she spotted her scavenging through garbage in the city’s busy bus station. One more day on the streets could have been the last one for this stray.  Finn brought her to our clinic where she was treated not only for her badly infected eye but also for a sorry case of mange.

But this dog’s story took an upward swing.  With Finn’s persistence, ingenuity, and coordination with other ex pats here in Nicaragua, Portia was finally well enough to make a public appearance. When she was finally on the adoption list,  a woman in Loveland, Colorado, was first in line for the brand new Portia. Off she went to the U.S. and settled happily in her new digs.

Yet Finn still felt that this special dog deserved her five minutes of fame.

She contacted local newspapers in Portia’s new hometown, and even after two years passed since her rescue , our Cinderella dog was finally placed in the spotlight that she so well deserves.  We’re elated and yes, so proud of her!

Extra! Extra!    Click here to Read All About It!


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